The word on...Biophilia

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"Perhaps 'Biophilia' the 'app album' comes across like a pretentious distraction, while 'Biophilia' the 'Björk album' stands with the best of them."

"Both the most conventional and unconventional effort on Björk's resume... it plays best straight through its 10-song cycle, from the tranquil calm of 'Moon' down to the soft plucks on the aptly-titled 'gravity harps' that adorn album closer 'Solstice'."

"As minimally executed as it is maximally conceived, 'Biophilia' doesn't sculpt emptiness; it swims in it. By the disc's end—and in spite of frequent flashes of celestial, awe-dropping grace—all that space accumulates to form an unfocused, almost suffocating absence of song."