OK Go: 'The One Moment' music video will blow your mind in 4.2 seconds

'For those moments in life where we are most alive'

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We were wondering how OK Go were going to top their last video where they floated about in zero gravity - well, they've done it.

As they point out, it only takes 4.2 seconds for them to blow your mind, but then you get to watch the whole thing again in slow motion,

Posted to the band's Facebook on Wednesday night, it has already clocked up 7.3 million views. 

Vivid paint flies up, moulds filled with colourful powder explode, and frontman Damian Kulash is soaked by water balloons. 

Directed by Kulash, the band describe the song as "a celebration of (and a prayer for) those moments in life when we are most alive".

It was shot with high-speed cameras, and followed 325 triggered events to create the choreography. 

"Humans are not equipped to understand our own temporariness," Kulash continues. "It will never stop being deeply beautiful, deeply confusing, and deeply sad that our lives and our world are so fleeting. We only have those few moments.

"Luckly, among them there are a few that really matter, and it's our job to find them. (We had no idea when we wrote the song that we'd be releasing its video in such a critical moment for our nation and the world.

"It's one of those moments where everythjng changes. whether we like it or not, so the song feels particularly relevant."

The band explain that in the video they tried to represent that idea literally. It was shot in a single moment and then "unravelled" - to unveil the beauty, wonder, and structure within. 

It also doubles as promotion for the band's #WalkHerWalk campaign ahead of #GivingTuesday on 29 November.