Katie Hopkins: Meet the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemate

The 'most hated woman in Britain' says she ‘hasn’t got a thing to prove’ by entering the house

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Who? Rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins is a former The Apprentice contestant described by Lord Alan Sugar as likely to attend the opening of an envelope.

Age: 39

Why is she in there? Probably because they asked. Having gained notoriety with her controversial comments on the third series of The Apprentice, Hopkins went on to make a career for herself saying offensive things on telly. She regularly appears on This Morning, has a column in The Sun and is currently under investigation by police over allegations of racism stemming from remarks she made on Twitter about Scotland. She has been described as "the most hated woman in Britain" and has sparked fury over remarks concerning children's names, fat people, the Scottish referendum, Ebola...I could go on...

What can we expect in the house? “I'm not trying to show people that I'm nice. I'm just going in to do 'Katie'," she says. "

People might think that actually Katie isn't a b**** 100 per cent of the time. I think there is a funnier side to me, but equally I may come out as the biggest b**** in Britain again and that is also totally acceptable."

There definitely won't be any sex. Katie, who criticised last year’s CBB for being too raunchy, has a plan to stop things hotting up among her housemates. “There will be no lust in the house while I am there," she reveals. "I will throw vinegar over people's testicles or salt into openings.”


Odds of winning? Average at first look. Highest odds are 10/1, but if she really is as opinionated it could go either way.

Celebrity Big Brother starts at 9pm on Channel 5 tonight.

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