Watch Kit Harington's discomfort at hilarious Jon Snow impressions on Jimmy Kimmel

The Game of Thrones star appeared to find the situation rather awkward

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We all know winter is coming. But Kit Harington, who plays the beloved Jon Snow in HBO’s Game of Thrones series, might be worried the winter of his career is nearing as there are several decent contenders for his replacement on the show.

The 28-year-old actor, famed for his dulcet and straight-faced delivery of some of the silliest lines in the Seven Kingdoms (“Come stand by the fire. It's warmer,” Er, really Jon, you don’t say) appeared unable to keep his trademark dour exterior when faced with three credible impersonators.

Jimmy Kimmel, the American television host who was interviewing Harington live for his show, invited Sheiffer, Charlie and Steve to test out their impressions on the Brit.

Sheiffer’s impressively serious reading of the back of a Kellog’s Frosties packet drew the biggest laugh, but it was American Charlie’s terrible British accent that will loom large in the memory. Steve proved himself a very adaptable impersonator also taking off Little Finger and Varys.

But the true Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch should fear little from the invading impressionists who feast on his character – they know nothing of Jon Snow.