Great British Bake Off: Mary Berry reveals who leaves next in shock spoiler live on air

The judge mistakenly thought that three episodes of the baking show had already aired

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Not even The Great British Bake Off is safe from spoilers, after judge Mary Berry seemed to accidentally let slip which contestant bids the tent farewell in tonight's episode.

*This article contains spoilers*

The 80-year-old made the unforgivable (seriously, we're distraught) mishap during a live interview with Chris Evans on the DJ's Radio 2 Breakfast Show this morning, shocking listeners and making everything highly awkward.

"Well, we've already lost two, you don't hang around do you, Mary?" Evans said, to which Berry replied: "Wait a minute, we've lost three. We lost Marie last week, Dorret and on the first week it was our lovely chap with his little hat on."


Berry, who was discussing the upcoming Bread Week challenge, did not immediately realise her error, leaving Evans to quickly try and cover it up.

"But you've only lost two so far. There's another one tonight, you know that but we don't," he said, before laughing and moving the topic of conversation on to talk about how baking is like science in its precision.

Of course, many fans noticed what had happened and were left crying into their cereal.

Berry did leave us with one ounce of excitement left when she promised that this week's show stoppers will be "absolutely amazing" and among the best we've seen yet. "It had to be 3D and it's extraordinary," she said, so we reckon it's still worth watching.

The BBC did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

Catch The Great British Bake Off on BBC One at 8pm.