Netflix gets new logo, users mourn loss of the nice red one

New look branded 'ugly' on Twitter

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Netflix has undergone a redesign across all platforms with a new red-on-white logo that is making users "uncomfortable".

The streaming service's old logo was a thing of great beauty, its drop shadow font sprawling out across an expanse of red, but this is 2014 and if you're a brand that means its time to simplify your logo as much as possible and strip all character from it.

The new look didn't go down well with users, provoking heaps of 'first world problem' tweets like "The red netflix logo with the white background makes me uncomfortable" and "Netflix logo just went changing on me I wasn't ready for this", along with comparisons to the Dexter logo.

The logo was rolled out across iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, desktop and more over the past week, along with a few other design tweaks.

If you think this response is pedantic, then check out Google's recent logo change, which was so subtle it's incredible anyone picked up on it.

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