What the Dickens? Try our literary quiz

Know your Nickleby from your Nell? How many questions can you answer about one of English literature's greatest figures? Katy Guest, Emily Dugan and Matthew Bell set the challenge

The Whitaker’s Almanack Quiz: Can you remember the faces,

It's been a year of natural disasters and human triumphs, of political marriage-making and celebrity car crashes (literal and metaphorical) ... But can you remember the faces, places, sights and sounds of 2010? Let 'Whitaker's Almanack', the definitive source of facts, trivia and ephemera, test your knowledge

The Whitaker's Almanack quiz of 2009

For nearly 150 years, Whitaker's Almanack has been the most comprehensive compendium of facts, trivia and ephemera in the English language. So who better than its team of expert compilers to test your knowledge of 2009?

It's all in the details: Can you identify these hands from European

The hand: it's the body part most constantly visible to painters as they work. Painting: it's one of the most hand-sensitive of all human activities. No wonder painters are drawn to hands. No wonder that hands often steal the scene. In life, faces generally upstage hands. In pictures, hands can have an equal or higher status, as an index of character or expression.