The Saturday quiz

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1. The first meeting of whom took place at Rambouillet in France in November 1975?

2. He died last month and his palate was said to have been insured for £250,000. Who was he?

3. What's the Italian for "baked earth"?

4. The Merlin engine and the Griffon engine were both built by which company?

5. Which academic institution was founded by Beatrice and Sidney Webb?

6. A bisque, a rush and a triple-peel. All terms used in which sport?

7. Who did the young Bob Dylan visit and sing songs to in Greystoke Park Psychiatric Hospital?

8. Bert Lance, US businessman and one-time adviser to Jimmy Carter, is credited with which oft-quoted principle of business practise?

9. "I Love You... Me Neither" is the title of the English-language version of which notorious 1969 pop hit?

10. The Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549 was centred on which two counties?