The Saturday quiz

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1. The failure of the 1895 play Guy Domville made which novelist return to the literary form that had made him famous?

2. Florencio Avalos was the first, Luis Urzua the last. What?

3. Road distances to London are traditionally measured from a central point at Charing Cross that is marked by a statue of which king?

4. Russell Brand (right), Julie Christie, and Liz Hurley. What, maritally speaking, is the connection?

5. The loss of the passenger vessel the Royal Charter and 459 lives off the coast of Anglesey in a violent storm in 1859 led to the creation of what service?

6. What are the six murder weapons in Cluedo?

7. Who recently quoted her husband as having said to her, "I've started to realise that talking to people about tuberculosis at a cocktail party doesn't go so well"?

8. In which UK city did Eric's Club gain renown as a punk venue in the 1970s?

9. Ernest Bevin, Herbert Morrison and Anthony Eden. The first three post-Second World War holders of which office?

10. Max Brick is whose sporting partner?