The Saturday quiz

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1. In Roman mythology, she is Terra Mater. What is her equivalent in Greek mythology?

2. Which has more pages – George Bush's Decision Points, or Tony Blair's A Journey?

3. Where did John Cabot (right) land in 1497?

4. Bradman, Sobers, Hobbs, Richards, Warne. What's the connection?

5. Flick Colby was the choreographer of which dance group?

6. In 1986, what did the chat show AM Chicago change its name to?

7. The longest of the 22 stages was Northampton to Bedford (21 miles). The shortest was the final stage, from Edmonton to Marble Arch (eight and a half miles). What?

8. Ulysses; Mrs Dalloway; Saturday. What's the connection?

9. The first city to use an Oyster card-style system for public transport did so in 1997 and called it an Octopus card. Which city?

10. What was filmed at Highclere Castle?