The Saturday quiz

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1. Between 1777 and 1788, which incarcerated French writer produced eight novels and story collections, 16 historical novellas, two volumes of essays, a diary and some 20 plays?

2. In the original of the much parodied poster for The Usual Suspects, how many suspects are lined up against the wall?

3. What did Harrods do in 1921 that Selfridges then did in 1940?

4. Tom Mockridge recently succeeded whom to what post?

5. The longest-standing world record in men's track and field was set by East Germany's Jurgen Schult in 1986. In which event?

6. Which UK islands have the emblems of, respectively, a toad, and a donkey?

7. "But I don't look like that" – words that Gertrude Stein (below) is said to have spoken after having her portrait painted by whom?

8. In the early 1900s, nearly 25 per cent of all females in the UK were called what?

9. The first in the series of Rough Guide books, dating from 1982, was a guide to which European country?

10. Which writer is the subject of an annual lookalike competition that takes place in a bar in Key West, Florida?