The Saturday quiz

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1. Which celebrated food outlet can be found at 401 Bleecker Street, New York?

2. The top producers of this fruit in 2007 were, in order: Turkey, the United States, Iran, Italy, and Russia. Which fruit?

3. Concerned not to embarrass staff and patients, Gloucestershire NHS Trust in 2001 re-named a traditional English pudding – from what, to what? (They later reversed the decision.)

4. "Award yourself the CDM" was the slogan for which popular foodstuff?

5. In 1953, the social reformer Constance Spry and the cookery writer Rosemary Hume created which dish?

6. A 2007 Camra survey of British pub names had four animal-based names in the top 10. What were they?

7. Which flamboyant rock star, born Brian Hugh Warner in 1969, produced his own version of absinthe called Mansinthe?

8. 'Merchandise 7X' is the secret ingredient in what?

9. How did Noma distinguish itself recently?

10. Beaujolais wine is generally made from which grape?