The Saturday Quiz


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1. Which US state has the highest population of Amish?

2. In 2003, what was marketed with the slogan, ‘I don’t like cricket, I love it’?

3. At 2,313ft above sea level, Mount Usborne is the highest point where?

4. Proceeds from which recently released song went to Sheffield Children’s Hospital?

5. ‘A Study of Economics as if People Mattered’: the sub-title of which era-defining 1973 book?

6. Which major London art gallery is in Hertford House?

7. Holly and Lee were two of the sisters. Who, according to the title of this 1986 film, was the third?

8. In 2008, who made a record that had lyrics consisting entirely of quotations from a speech by Barack Obama?

9. In 1964, how did Labour MP George Brown disparagingly refer to Swiss bankers?

10. Gustav Klimt; 1948 musical by Cole Porter; Manuel Puig; Pauline Kael. What’s the connection?