The Cavendish Hotel


The chocolate usually appears on the pillows in your hotel room, but at The Cavendish Hotel on London's Jermyn Street it is the hotel room.

As a sort of pre-Easter hymn to our favourite sweet treat, one guest checking in on 26 March will be offered the keys to room 205 which, with the help of students from Westminster Kingsway School of Hospitality, will be turned into something in which Willy Wonka might have laid his head after a hard day at the factory.

Instead of paper "DO NOT DISTURB" signs, there will be a version made of Callebaut chocolate. Toothbrushes as well, for one day only, will be made of chocolate. Likewise the lamps (sans bulbs, presumably). So far, so delicious. However, cast your eye further down the marketing bumf (the room hasn't been built yet) and you can't help getting the feeling that things might just go a little awry with a, err, chocolate bed, sheets and slippers.