The 10 Best advent calendars

Christmas might be 31 days away, but you’ve only got a week left to get ready for the festive count-down...

1. Montezuma's


Montezuma's has become one of Britain's leading and most innovative luxury chocolate makers. Its offering this year has a surprise flavour each day.

2. Poundland


You won't get a better value advent calendar; kids don't care if the chocolate is luxury or not. Themes include Thomas the Tank Engine and Hello Kitty.

3. John Lewis


There can be few tastes more Christmassy than gingerbread. This calendar contains delicious gingerbread treats for every day up to Christmas.

4. Niederegger


Why save the festive taste of marzipan for the Christmas cake? You can tuck into a piece of Niederegger's legendary marzipan every single day.

5. Hotel Chocolat


Makers of the most innovative and delectable Christmas chocolates year after year – there's a 40 per cent milk chocolate sculpture behind each window.

6. Marks & Spencer


The Beano comic is enjoying retro appeal, so it's no surprise that M&S has chosen it as a theme for this advent calendar. Behind each door there's a comic strip and a choccy.

7. Divine


With this charming Fairtrade chocolate calender you won't just be pleasing your tastebuds, you'll be supporting cocoa farmers in Ghana too.

8. Master of Malt


This alternative and stupendously expensive advent calendar has a different 3cl sample of top-notch whisky each day, including a 50-year-old one from a £350 bottle.

9. Prestat


The chocolatiers to the Queen have created the ultimate advent calendar. Behind each window is a differently flavoured truffle made from the finest chocolate.

10. Chococo


Inside this reusable red hessian bag are 24 numbered bags, each containing two seasonal chocolate shapes to hide around the house. A great twist on convention.