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The 10 Best boxes of chocolates

Aim higher than Roses this Christmas. We’ve got perfect pralines and tempting truffles for chocoholics to enjoy...
  • @SAMuston

1. Prestat Ginger Hunks

£12.50, prestat.co.uk

These are actually 12 pieces of chocolate-covered ginger, and they are light on the palate, which makes them ideal as a post-prandial treat.

2. Booja Booja Gourmet Selection

£17.99, planetorganic.com

Booja Booja is an ethical brand with a distinctly airy-fairy ethos – but my goodness it knows how to make chocolate truffles.

3. Damian Allsop Chef's Selection

£17.50, damianallsop.com

You used only to be able to find Allsop's chocs in smart restaurants, but now you can get the crazy-flavoured chocolates online.

4. Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Belgian chocolate assortment

£9.99, sainsburys.co.uk

This box is huge, inexpensive and surprisingly good. The caramel fleur de sel is very fine indeed.

5. Godiva Christmas Selection

£18, godiva-online-store.eu

There is something special about Godiva chocolates. They melt in your mouth to create tongue-coating slicks of loveliness.

6. Rococo English Selection

£22.50, rococochocolates.com

Geranium creams, almond marzipans, passion fruit pate, cream toffee – this box is quite the polymath. Not one bum note in 24 chocolates.

7. Melt with Mark Hix

£19, meltchocolates.com

The chef has teamed up with chocolatiers Melt to create a lovely little box with some witty and surprising flavours – the cider brandy is a particular joy.

8. Gorvett and Stone mix

£8.95, gorvettandstone.com

The chocolates from here are worth just about any price Gorvett and Stone wants to charge. But, as it is, the 12-piece mixed box is remarkably good value.

9. Bettys Cru Savage

£17.50, bettys.co.uk

The purveyors of all things sweet and lovely has come up trumps with this 12-piece box. .The cru savage truffles are dainty, but they have a bitter bite to them.

10. La Maison Du Chocolat

£6.70, lamaisonduchocolat.co.uk

You can get whacking great boxes here – but we find the mini Les Attentions boxes more intimate.