The 10 Best Wine glasses

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1. Bourgogne


While they have an idiosyncratic diagonal-cut head, their high-quality hand-blown glass design ensures they are never anything but elegant. A word of warning: not the hardiest of glasses.

2. Milo Wine


Looking to make a statement at Christmas lunch or at your New Year party? Then why not serve your plonk in these black glasses? Complete the look with a sturdy black Milo jug.

3. Elegance Coupe Champagne


As well as allowing you to channel your inner 1920s flappers, the coupes have quite a substantial bowl, meaning more of the sparkly stuff in each glass.

4. Royal Doulton 1815 tumblers


Created by Royal Doulton to commemorate its founder, these have radiant blue-flash crystal bowls, with all the finesse you'd expect from the Staffordshire potter.

5. John Lewis Playnation


For some, coloured wine glasses are beyond the pale: unsophisticated and unloveable. Disagree? Check out these retro-look eye-catchers in garish green and pink.

6. Yvette


Give these as a gift, or keep for yourself and toast the New Year. In crystal, with a hand-applied cord of glass around the head for that added touch of glamour.

7. Stemless


These stemless wine glasses are great for the clumsy among us. Though, that said, they are anything but lumpen – the crystal glass is incredibly thin around the rim.

8. Versace Arabesque


Yellow-tinted glass heads covered in Versace's not-so-subtle arabesque pattern. Dainty stems and bonkersley expensive, but if you have money to burn they are a real conversation starter.

9. Wine Goblet


The thick, sturdy stem of the "Boris" goblets from LSA contrast beautifully with a fine crystal lip. All the glass is handmade and you can get a pair in a gift box, if you can bear to give them away.

10. Riesling


These crystal numbers are the height of glassy sophistication. The thin stem gives off on to a beautifully dainty Riesling wine-style head, so thin it won't taint your favourite tipple's flavour.