Spice up your life with our choice of chutneys

Cosmic carrot - £3.50

The sweetness of the carrots in this caramelised treat from County Durham are balanced by spicy peppers … begging for a cheese sarnie.

www.wildongrange.co.uk; 01833 650 587

Cumberland - £1.83

Mild yet bursting with the flavour of plums, apples, apricots and onions, this recipe by Mary Ballantyne in Penrith, will have you eating off the spoon.

www.marys-homemade.co.uk; 01768 899 023

Windfall - £2.49

A gentle concoction that evokes homemade apple crumble on cold winter afternoons. Packed with plums, apples and tomatoes, it’s a jar of loveliness made for meats or salad.

www.thejamkitchen.com; 0131 319 1048

Aubergine & mango - £3.15

This homage to the home of chutney might alarm purists with its risqué smoky aubergine, but itwould steal the show among the finest cheeses.

www.cottagedelight.co.uk; 01538 398 949

Spicy apple - £3.60

A dollop of this on a chunk of bread will explode in the mouth with its full-bodied fruitiness and robust texture. Studded with sultanas and peppercorns, it’s a potent crowd-pleaser.

www.realjam.co.uk; 01962 861 411

Courgette - £2.55

Easily the prettiest chutney on the shelf, this colourful Cumbrian offering includes chunks of softened courgette and carrots, speckled with mustard seeds for an extra kick.

01539 6 21 896

Beetroot - £2

Made to an old recipe by Mrs Darlington, this blood-red delight is delicious enough to convert hardened beetroot phobics.

www.mrsdarlingtons.com; 01270 250 710

Spiced tomato - £2.99

Only true champions of chutney should stick a knife into this seriously grown-up offering from the Dorset soup specialists. Packed with spices it has a distinct yet mildly bitter edge.

www.dorsetblue.com; 0196 323 133

Balsamic apple & fig - £3.25

Part of a new range from the man behind the food hall at Harvey Nichols, this fruity number from the emporiumat Whiteleys, West London is a delightful blend of fruit and vinegar.

www.food-inc.com; 020-7792 6020

Hot pear - £3.99

You might not think to match pears with chillis, ginger and coriander but the combination works to great effect in this slow-cooked savoury treat that promises a ploughman’s with punch.

www.julesandsharpie.com; 01728 833 955