Someone made a shot-for-shot remake of the GTA 5 trailer IRL

And it matches the original pretty perfectly

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Grand Theft Auto V's trailer has been remade shot for shot in the real, physical world with a pretty stunning level of accuracy.

Los Angeles would have been the obvious choice for the trailer, given that's the city Los Santos is based on, but filmmaking company Zapruder Pictures instead shot it in their native Madrid, recreating bank heists, cars chases, golf matches, pedestrian scenes and even a biplane flyover.

GTA developers Rockstar deemed the remake "awesome", posting it out on its Twitter feed.

There was another case of 'real life GTA' earlier this year, albeit an accidental one, when a drunk man in the US was filmed fighting a car, punching thin air and spontaneously sprinting.

GTA V may be a distant memory for many gamers in terms of its story mode but GTA Online lives on, today getting an Independence Day DLC special bringing firework rocket launchers, monster trucks and mullets.