Former Top Gear presenters James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond / PA

Many signed up to the company’s free trial to take part in the company’s big sale — and will be charged soon if they don’t cancel

Amazon has just announced that it will hire the Top Gear team for its Prime streaming TV service — and there might never have been a better time to leave.

Amazon’s Prime service costs £79 per year and gives customers access to the streaming TV service, next day delivery, a new music service and free cloud storage.

But many sign up for a trial of the service and then inadvertently stay on it. That will include many who joined for the largely disappointing Prime Day sale, whose trials will be running out soon.

And others still might want to leave in protest at the hiring of the Top Gear team, led by a man who lost his job after punching a colleague.

Amazon Prime Day was on July 15, and required that people were members of the premium service. But it also offered a special free trial, giving people a month of service — before they are automatically moved onto the paid-for tier.

To cancel that trial, users can head to Amazon and choose the setting to “Manage Prime Membership”. Clicking “Do not continue” stops the trial from auto-renewing, keeping the trial until it is over.

If you are already paying for Amazon Prime, then you can click “End membership” on the same screen. Amazon will give users a refund if they haven’t used Prime on any orders yet, but won’t get one if they have and will have to keep the service.

If you want to join rather than leave the service, Amazon is offering a special trial on its page for the announcement of the hiring of the Top Gear team. That will offer a free trial of the service — though the month will have run out by the time the show airs, which is scheduled for 2016.