Ngaroma Crown was at first uncertain about sharing the footage of her childbirth / Ngaroma Crown/Facebook

'My heart has never felt so complete'

A woman who let her brother-in-law to film her giving birth to her first child has been praised for sharing the “beautiful” video on Facebook.

Ngaroma Crown from Christchurch, New Zealand, asked her brother-in-law to capture the moment she brought her daughter into the world.

But her brother-in-law Matt went a step further. The video he presented her with documented the raw and emotional labour, from her enduring contractions to doctors placing newborn baby Nova onto Crown’s chest for the first time.  

Crown wrote on Facebook that she “wasn’t sure” if she wanted to share the “personal and not so glamorous” video on Facebook. 

She told Daily Mail Australia that the video made her cringe at first, but “then I cried because it was so beautiful”. 

On Facebook she wrote that she decided to share the "special moment with everyone" because of a newfound "respect and appreciation for our bodies as women". She added she felt "so proud" of her body and her baby's. 

Crown went on to thank her “amazing” midwife, her partner Peni and her sister Sarah for being “the best support team I could ever ask for.”

But she reserved the “biggest” thanks to Matt “for capturing all these special & not so fun moments and putting this video together for us.”

“Even though this day was quite a blur to me (thankfully), the moment you were laid on my chest I will never forget. I felt my heart overflow, like how could I love someone this much.”

Addressing her new daughter, she went on: “If there was anything I ever did right in this world, it would be you. Nova, you are my biggest & greatest blessing. My heart has never felt so complete. ”

The video has been watched on Facebook over 360,000 times. Viewers praised Crown for sharing the footage in the comments beneath it. 

“Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with us baby is gorgeous,” wrote one user. 

Another added: “Crying happy tears watching this beautiful moment. Thank you for sharing it with us all.”