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Friends with benefits

The romcom is going in a new direction: two new movies feature single pals hooking up. What really goes on under the sheets? Jean Hannah Edelstein studies relationships with no strings attached

Swinging in Sheffield

Once a watering hole for steelworkers, the Robin Hood pub traded in its dartboards for live porn and became one of Britain's most successful swingers' clubs. Kristina Backer paid it a visit

The facts of life: taboos and tolerance

The new updated version of The Joy of Sex by Susan Quilliam, first published in 1972, includes 43 new sections not included in the original edition, covering such topics as phone sex, the internet, sex shops and sex during pregnancy. Since the first edition it has been updated four times and sold over eight million copies.

When sex play goes wrong...

Sexual tolerance has brought many benefits. But there is a darker side to the culture of 'anything goes' experimentation that has come with it, as Sean Thomas knows to his cost

Egalité! Liberté! Sexualité!: Paris, May 1968

It began with a demand by students for the right to sleep with each other. And it ended in one of the greatest upheavals in French society since the revolution. John Lichfield goes in search of the spirit of ’68

Gay rights and wrongs: Hollywood's biggest taboo

When two of America's brightest young actors decided to come out of the closet, there were hopes the industry was learning to practise what it preached. But homosexuality is still the love that dare not speak its name, reports Andrew Gumbel