Spotlight On: Red Marmalade car insurance


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The deal

A "bolt-on" pay-as-you-go insurance policy designed for young learner drivers keen to practise between lessons. The deal, which is added to an existing qualified driver's policy, is borne out of a commercial partnership between the RED Driving School and insurance provider Provisional Marmalade.

The pros

The savings could be huge. Adding a 17-year-old learning to drive a Nissan Micra in Kingston-upon-Thames could push a full policy up to around £7,391 or £615.90 a month, compared with adding £85.50 for this deal. And if there is an incident, the parent policy won't be affected.

The cons

You won't save up any no claims and you'll have to renew every couple of months.


A compelling and potentially far cheaper solution for learners.

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