The 12 most-read 2011 articles in 50 Best

From gadgets to cookery books, Steve Anderson runs down the most popular 50 Best lists published in 2011, as well as the editor's favourite

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Covering products from the worlds of fashion, food and drink, entertainment, gadgets and tech, house and home,  motoring, and more,'s famous 50 Best lists are always full to the brim with inspiration and advice for helping you choose that perfect item.

The 12 most read are those 50 Best articles published in 2011 that have been visited by the greatest number of separate users to date.

The list (click the headlines to read articles in full)

1. The 50 best gadgets
Friday 18 November

Our resident techie and gadget lover David Phelan guided you through the latest pieces of kit - from terrific tablets to slick smartphones - to make you the envy of all your friends.

2. The 50 best bikes
Saturday 14 May

With a panel consisting of three cycling writers, including The Independent's Simon Usborne, this list covered bikes of all shapes and sizes, from city communters to mountain trailers.

3.  The 50 best food websites
Saturday 16 July

A foodie-tastic panel guided you through the best places to go online for tasty recipes, fine produce and culinary trends.

4. The 50 best cameras
Saturday 2 July

Gadget man David Phelan put readers - whether they were aspiring pros or keen amateurs - in the picture with this extensive list of cameras to suit all abilities and budgets.

5. The 50 best cars
Saturday 9 April

David Wilkins took on surely one of the most daunting lists with his choice of 50 best cars. From sporty hot hatches to family-friendly estates he tried to cover all bases - including a £157,000 Lamborghini for good measure.

6. The 50 best kitchen appliances
Saturday 2 April

Combining the love for tech that led the top 50 gadgets list to be this year's most popular article with those readers who lapped up our top 50 food websites, this list cooked up a culinary shopping list for gizmo-loving foodies.

7. The 50 best watches
Saturday 23 July

A quality timepiece should be owned by everyone, but with so many different styles and budgets to choose from, Lee Holmes gave a helping hand, offering choices that were sure too keep wrists looking strapping.

8. The 50 best fitness essentials
Saturday 19 February

It's no surprise that this attracted so many readers - being published in February meant it coincided with everyone giving up on their New Year's exercise routine. An expert panel of fitness experts put everyone back on track with this definitive list of exercise gear.

9. The 50 best summer reads
Saturday 11 June

Instead of picking up a last-minute piece of sun-lounger fodder at the airport, it seems our readers turned to to inform their holiday reading, allowing our expert panel to guide them through the hottest summer reads.

10. The 50 best fragrances
Saturday 18 June

Just as summer should have been arriving (it never really showed up properly, did it?) Beth Dadswell recommended those sexy scents and classic perfumes to keep both men and women smelling fantastic through those warm evenings.

11. The 50 best furniture shops
Saturday 4 June

For our readers that don't believe style ends on what clothes you wear, Kate Watson-Smyth tracked down trendy boutiques, jam-packed warehouses and hidden gems to help you decorate your home.

12. The 50 best delicatessens
Saturday 26 February

The final foodie entry and the last of our top 12, this list proved delis aren't all about limp sandwiches and bought-in chutneys. Our expert panel of food journalists guided you through the homes of mouth-watering meats, artisan cheeses and perfect pastries.


Editor's choice

While the above list shows the most read articles of 2011, we asked the editor to nominate his favourite pieces of the year.

Jamie Merrill, 50 Best Editor

The 50 best weekend retreats
Saturday 1 October

"Holly Williams scoured the country for this feature, finding not only high-end luxury but a great selection of cosy overnight stays that won't break the bank. My favourite? Tuddenham Mill in Suffolk. It’s a 17th-century hotel in a converted water mill and a gem of a foodie find for a romantic weekend away.

The 50 best handbags
Saturday 19 March

"Everybody loves a good piece of arm candy, says Gemma Hayward, the paper’s deputy fashion editor. This sartorial round-up, which includes sexy satchels and awesome all-rounders, has proved popular all-year round."


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