Boris Johnson says that breastfeeding mothers should be 'discreet'

London Mayor made the remarks during a live phone-in interview session on LBC Radio

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London Mayor Boris Johnson has said that breastfeeding mothers should be “discreet” when feeding their babies in public.

Asked during phone-in interview on LBC radio whether he approved of Claridges’ decision to ask a mother breastfeeding her child to cover herself, the Mayor initially responded: “I don’t know about this, I wasn’t there and it wasn’t clear to me how much of her breast was exposed.”

Pushed by interviewer Nick Ferrari, Mr Johnson eventually claimed: “It depends how you do it, in my view. I think you can do it in a sort of discreet way, I think Claridges were a little bit clumsy in the way that they wade in. But what do I know?”


Mr Johnson added that he was “not particularly” fussed, but said: “providing they are not breastfeeding adults, I think it’s alright. I’m pretty relaxed.”

Towards the end of the interview the London Mayor, who recently announced his intention to run for parliament, added that he was “generally pro” breastfeeding as it can be crucial in reducing the number of babies in developing world from contacting otherwise preventable disease through infected powdered milk. 

Last week Ukip leader Nigel Farage said that mothers should not breastfeed their babies in an "ostentatious" manner, advising mothers to "sit in a corner" instead of drawing attention to themselves.