Caitlyn Jenner thanks her plastic surgeon following her transition

Dr Harrison Lee helped Jenner ahead of her Vanity Fair cover

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Caitlyn Jenner has thanked one half of the team who enabled her transition.

Jenner expressed her gratitude to one of the surgons who worked with her during her transition - Dr Harrison Lee - by inscribing a copy of Vanity Fair with: "Great job. Thank you so much," and autographed the cover.

The former athlete was shown in an Instagram post from one of Dr Lee's employees, Vilma.

The caption read: "So impressed by my boss Dr Harrison Lee's phenomenal work and being part of Caitlyn's transformation. #caitlynjenner #drharrisonlee #vanityfair #transgender #realself #loveit"

Dr Lee told E! News that Jenner was very happy with her new look.


"I don't want to show off, but I think she's ecstatic with the results," he said.

He added: "She healed remarkably fast.

"Maybe because she's an Olympic athlete... I mean, at 65, she is in remarkable health."

Los Angeles-based Dr Lee worked with Dr Gary Alter to transform Jenner's body, with Dr Alter doing the body procedures and Dr Lee focusing on the face.

Procedures available to people born male who wish to be accepted as female include operations to soften the forehead, chin and nose.