Apocalyptic-looking clouds seen looming over Costa Rica spark 'end-of-times' fears

Cloud iridescence is the occurrence of colours in a cloud similar to those seen in oil films on puddles

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Mysterious, luminous clouds were spotted in Costa Rica on the country's Independence Day.

The iridescent cloud had a halo of vivid colours caused by the sun's light being refracted by small water droplets or ice crystals.

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The rare phenomenon was seen from many cities around the country, including Escazu, San Jose, Parrita, Pavas, and Hatillo.

One bystander who described the event as being "like the end of times," videoed the captivating clouds in Ezcazu in central Costa Rica, saying: "I've never seen anything like this... It's like a sign of God."

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The dramatic clouds appeared as Costa Rica along with other Central American countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua were celebrating the 194th anniversary of their independence.