Tube strike today: Boris Bike use up 101 per cent as commuters find alternative routes amid London Underground walkout

Hundreds of the bikes were stacked up at Soho Square in central London

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A 101 per cent spike in Boris Bike use in London amid the Tube strike has caused hundreds of the vehicles to be stacked up at hubs across the capital.

Commuters in London are facing the widest-ranging Underground strike for over a decade, as the entire Tube system is closed from 6:30pm on Wednesday until 9:30pm on Thursday.

To accommodate would-be passengers who would usually use the Tube, Transport for London has put on around 200 extra buses, and organised extra cycle hubs around the capital.

The cycle hubs are operating at Soho Square, Houghton Street near the Strand, Finsbury Square near Liverpool Street and Moorgate, and Butler Place which is situated between Victoria and Westminster stations.

Impymcwimpy, a commuter who spotted a hub, wrote on Instagram: "found a huge stash of boris bike[...] I've never felt so smug on two wheels".

Images from Soho Square show hundreds of red Santander bikes stacked up at hubs, left for TfL staff members to sort.

A TfL spokeswoman stressed that the bikes had not been “dumped”.

She explained that the hubs are intended to speed up services, as commuters dock bikes by handing them to staff members rather than fitting them back into stations.

By 5pm on Thursdya, bikes were being hired at 101 per cent of the rate seen on Wednesday, with 42, 996 hires on Thursday compared to 21, 439 the previous day.

The TfL spokeswoman urged commuters not to abandon their bikes.

“The key message for users really is that they can’t just drop the bike off and go, they need to hand to a member of staff who will dock (and then we can take the bikes out of the dock to keep distribution turning over),” she said.

She added that such schemes are already popular at Waterloo station, which is exceptionally popular with commuters.