PMQs as it happened: Cameron faces questions on EU referendum

Prime Minister set to be grilled over division within party over Europe

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Here are the latest updates:


Ahead of Wednesday's PMQs, Michael Gove has claimed that David Cameron's deal changing Britain's relationship with the European Union is not legally binding and could be overturned by a prominent European court.

The Justice Secretary rejected the Prime Minister's claim that the package was irreversible, warning that the European Court of Justice is not bound by the settlement without treaty change.

Downing Street moved quickly to dismiss Mr Gove's claim with a statement insisting the agreement "has legal force" and must be taken into account by the court.

As Mr Gove made his first major intervention in the referendum campaign since backing Brexit, his wife told of the "agonising" struggle he faced as he put his Euroscepticism ahead of a close friendship with the Prime Minister.

The Cabinet minister insisted the EU has held Britain back and said the nation would recover its "mojo" outside the 28-member bloc.

He insisted the Prime Minister, who has claimed the deal is "already legally binding and irreversible", has not misled voters.