The ten best guide to fun in the sun

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With the sun out and the beautiful weather expected to last over the weekend and well into next week, we make some suggestions as to the best possible way to enjoy the warm spell.

Flip-flop your way through the day with

The ten best sandals

Gentleman can ban those rays with

The ten best men's sunglasses

and for the ladies there's always

The ten best women's sunglasses

Not sure which beach to lounge on? Try...

The 50 best beaches

Or what to wear by the sea?

The 50 best beachwear

Or, indeed, what to lie on?

The ten best beach towels

Land-locked? Well fear not, because we've thought of you too.

The 50 best Spring days out

Or just relaxing in the garden with a book?

The 50 best Summer reads

And in case you're thinking of being a bit more active you could always have a go at some sport;

The 50 best Summer sports gear