Canadians tell Americans: 'You’re already great’ to cheer them up during the presidential election

In a land which often feels polarised, it can feel nice to watch a heartwarming YouTube video from across the border

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When celebrities such as Miley Cyrus said they would emigrate to Canada if Donald Trump was elected, that may have been the point where a Canadian creative agency decided to make Americans to realise how great their country is and to stay where they are.

But in a country which many Americans feel is strongly polarised between right-wing and left-wing, the Toronto-based agency Garden Collective may have hit the right note with its "Tell America It’s Great" YouTube video.

"Hey, guys!" says one man. "We’re just up here in Canada talking about how great you guys are down there, and we thought we’d just send you a little bit of a love note."

In a series of clips filmed on smartphones and laptops, Canadians call out the great achievements of America, including inventing the internet, as well as great social and political activism, a vibrant culture, diversity and jazz music.

Agency founder Shari Walczak told the New York Times that the campaign was about "friends looking out for each other".

She insisted the campaign was not about selling a product, it was rather a "labour of love" to make a positive contribution to a "depressing" election season.


The campaign has spawned a series of videos and a twitter hashtag, encouraging other Canadians to join in the chorus of positivity.

Suggestions include Beyonce, space exploration and the National Park Service.

The two countries have good reasons to remain on friendly terms.

They share the longest land border and they are deeply connected in terms of their societies, economies, laws and defense.

According to the New York Times, more than $1.8 billion is exchanged in cross-border trade per day, and around 400,000 people travel between the two countries every day.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has further cemented ties with his liberal policies, and his yoga moves have provided ample content for viral memes.

The prime minister is a welcome relief on the international stage after the late mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, was repeatedly caught out for drug-related scandals.

"You know America," says one woman in the video. "I think you're already great."