Russian woman evades death as vehicles spectacularly crash inches from where she is crossing

According to media reports, none of the drivers died as a result of the crash

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This video shows the moment a pedestrian in Russia miraculously evaded death after a spectacular collision occurred just a few inches away from where she was walking.

In the CCTV footage that emerged on Wednesday, the woman is seen approaching the crossing in the city of Kaluga in western Russia.

At the same time a smaller Lada Granta and Mercedes minibus are also spotted travelling towards the junction from perpendicular roads. As the woman begins to cross the road, both cars fail to stop, leading to a dramatic crash happening   just inches behind where the woman is crossing.

The crash sees the Lada spectacularly plough into the side of the minibus and send it flying towards a nearby lamppost.

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The collision with the lamppost flips the vehicle on its side and skids until it comes to a halt.

The elderly woman is seen leaning against a shop window as she views the chaos that has happened behind her, before continuing with her journey.

Reports from Russia said that none of the drivers were injured as a result of the accident