Andy Murray vs Stan Wawrinka, French Open semi-final live as it happened: World No 1 beaten in five sets

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Andy Murray headed to Paris for the French Open in poor form and struggling with both injury and sickness.

But the World No 1 has dug deep at Roland Garros, grinding out victories over the likes of Juan Martin del Potro and Kei Nishikori to reach his fourth French Open semi-final in as many years.

He’ll now play Switzerland’s Stan Wawrinka for a place in the final who, unlike Murray, has actually won the tournament, back in 2015.

Murray edges the head to head record, but third seed Wawrinka is yet to drop a set in Paris this year and looked in formidable form in his straight-sets quarter-final win over 2014 US Open champion Marin Cilic.

Follow Murray's match live:

Live Updates

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Andy Murray's French Open semi-final against Stan Wawrinka.
The match is scheduled to start at 11.45BST and we'll begin bringing you all of the build-up shortly before then. 
Murray arrived in Paris having endured a miserable clay court season, with underwhelming losses in Monte Carlo, Madrid and Rome.
Many speculated that Murray's heroic end of season run last year, which saw him end up as the World No 1, may have contributed to Murray's struggles at the start of this year. But his coach, Ivan Lendl, thinks the exact opposite:
After a week of rain...
It's looking like a pretty beautiful day in Paris.
Murray had an hour of practice time booked on Chatrier this morning...
But Eurosport have just reported that, after less than half an hour focusing almost exclusively on his forehand, Murray aborted his practice and disappeared off court.
Here they come...
Wawrinka walks out first, clad in a blue shirt with white shorts. No repeat of the horrific fluorescent yellow stash he donned last year.
And here's Murray, emerging on Court Philippe Chatrier to a huge cheer. He's decked out in his standard white and navy. Yawn. 
Stan wins the toss...
And chooses to serve first. 
Here we go! It's just a shade under 20° with little chance of rain. The court will likely play hard and fast which you think would benefit Wawrinka and that thunderous forehand more than Murray.
Murray* 0-1 Wawrinka (*Denotes next server)
Not a bad way to start! Wawrinka steps up and slams an ace past Murray. And then our first sight of that ridiculous backhand. Murray comes to the net on the next point only for Stan to belt a cross-court winner past him, and when Murray dumps his backhand into the net on the next point, Wawrinka holds to love.
Murray 1-1 Wawrinka*
A big rally to get Murray’s service game underway. The World No 1’s defence looks good, as Wawrinka pushes him wide with two big cross-court back hands, but Murray then messes up his sliced backhand return to hand the Swiss the point. Buoyed, Wawrinka goes big on the next point, crushing a forehand down the line but it’s slightly wide. 15-all.
And then Wawrinka sends his next shot long. Already the pattern of this match has been set, Wawrinka dictating things from beyond the baseline, Murray scampering around firmly on the defensive. Both men have started well: Wawrinka belts another one long and then Murray wrongfoots him with a fine forehand to hold.
Murray* 1-2 Wawrinka
Wawrinka is serving very well. Murray somehow scrapes a return back over the net but, in a flash, Stan is at the net and he wins the point with an emphatic volley. He should win the next point, too, when Murray moonballs his return from the back of the court, but he snatches at the volley. Wide. A chance of a break for Murray? But Wawrinka takes the next point with a crushing cross-court forehand. 30-all.
What a point! Wawrinka in control of the rally until Murray hits a sublime cross-court shot which forces his opponent deep and wide. Wawrinka returns, but Murray finishes him off with a very cute drop shot. Break point for Murray … but Wawrinka charges his serve and wins the point with a volley at the net (at the third time of asking).
Wawrinka gets to advantage with a big unreturnable serve. And then holds with a big forehand which even Murray can’t scamper back and return. What a start!  
Murray 2-2 Wawrinka*
Court Philippe Chatrier less than three-quarters full. Boo.
The champagne quaffing day-trippers miss another exquisite Murray drop shot getting him to 30-love. But Wawrinka seizes control of the next rally, winning the point with a bigggg forehand down the line. Nice.
Murray charges the net on the next point. It works. Wawrinka shoots wide. Murray has a chance to hold on the next point with a volley at the net, but Wawrinka chases it down and hits a tremendous cross-court backhand, somehow winning the point. 
Whoah! Wawrinka then absolutely obliterates Murray's second serve to get to deuce, disdainfully belting a forehand down the line which absolutely tears away from the World No 1. But Murray's serve gets him out of danger; he holds. 
Murray* 2-3 Wawrinka
Wawrinka begins the game by attacking the net, taking the point with a volley. Murray then wildly miscues during a rally, shanking the ball into the crowd to some comedy 'oooos' from the fans. Wawrinka gets to 40-0 in double quick time, with a big backhand winner. 
He holds with another backhand, this time whistled down the line. We're still on serve. Both men have started very, very well. 
Murray 3-3 Wawrinka*
Slight pause to the start of Murray’s service game, as the late lunchers struggle to find their seats, salmon sandwiches in one hand and champers in the other. The gutlords.
Lightning quick service game from Murray, this. Murray holds to love when Wawrinka gets too much on his backhand return, wafting the ball long.  
Murray* 3-4 Wawrinka
Murray wins the first point, as Wawrinka takes his forehand too early, slamming the ball into the net. He makes up for it seconds later though, with a stonking cross-court forehand that absolutely whistles off his bat.
Murray steps into Wawrinka’s second serve on the next point, but Wawrinka’s sheer brute power forces him back behind the baseline and eventually the Scot fails to return. And then a carbon copy of that earlier forehand, as Wawrinka again punishes Murray’s aggressive stride forward to meet his second serve.
Murray gets himself to deuce… but Wawrinka completely wrongfoots him with a backhand that Murray expects to be smacked across court. Instead Wawrinka shoots it down the line. Murray does a full 360 but completely loses sight of the ball and it zooms past him. A big serve later, and Wawrinka holds.  
Murray 3-5 Wawrinka*
The first sign of frustration for Murray as he hits a routine forehand slightly wide. Keep your cool, Andy… but he then hits his next shot long, too, falling 15-30 behind. He shoots a frown in the direction of his box and then changes his racquet.
The new bat seems to do the trick. Murray wins the next couple of points with big, 200km/h+ serves which Wawrinka is unable to return. He then attacks the net on the next point but again fires long. That’s three forehand errors in this game. Deuce.
Not a great time for a double fault, then. Wawrinka gets his first break point of the match off Murray’s first double, and Murray swipes at the clay in frustration.
Wawrinka cranks up the aggression and looks to break with a backhand DTL, but it clips the top of the net and falls the wrong way.
We’re then treated to an extended rally on the next point, which Wawrinka wins with a characteristic powerful forehand when Murray slips. Second break point of the game for Stan.
Which he takes! Murray telegraphs a pretty rank drop shot which Wawrinka chases down. His shot selection is poor, in truth – a sliced return, followed by him back-pedaling to the baseline – but Murray’s return is also weak and it sets up the winner for the Swiss.
Wawrinka breaks.  
Murray* 4-5 Wawrinka
Unlucky for Murray. At 0-15 he looks for a winner but his forehand clips the top of the net and it ends up ballooning wide of the line. Wawrinka then gets a little lucky for the second time when Murray miscues a return which floats long.
Little matter: a missed forehand later and Murray has a break point! And he takes in! Truly sensational defence from the World No 1. Wawrinka absolutely crushes a cross-court forehand which Murray somehow chases down. He lofts the ball back over the net, defends the subsequent volley, and breaks back immediately when Wawrinka blasts a forehand long.  
Murray 5-5 Wawrinka*
Murray rattles through this service game until the third point. The two men engage in an extend baseline rally, with Wawrinka the one to attempt to finish it off, with a decent little drop shot. But Murray chases it down, prodding it back over the net. Wawrinka scrapes it off the dirt and flicks it back, but Murray is at the net and able to pat it down into the open court.
He wins the next point and holds. We’re back on serve.  
Murray* 5-6 Wawrinka
Two brisk points see Wawrinka race into a 30-0 lead but, again, he makes an unforced error of his forehand to let Murray back into the game. Only briefly, mind. Murray tries a lob shot on the next point but doesn’t get enough on it: Wawrinka gratefully creams a volley past him.
And then a piece of brilliance from Murray, rifling Wawrinka’s second serve back past him. But the Swiss holds firm and another big serve sees him hold.
Murray 6-6 Wawrinka*
The wind is really beginning to kick up. At 30-0 Murray attempts a drop shot which the wind gets hold of, carrying the ball wide when it looked like it had been expertly placed by the World No 1. Stan then goes big with the cross-court backhand on the next point, but that also drops wide.
Murray holds when Wawrinka floats another forehand wide. The Swiss isn’t too happy with the call, but the umpire isn’t moved. Breaker!  
Murray* 6-6 (1-0) Wawrinka
First blood to Murray. A double fault from Stan!

When is it?

Today! Murray will take on Wawrinka for a place in the final of the French Open at 11.45BST. (Providing it doesn’t rain.)

Murray headed to Paris on the back of a poor run of results (Getty)

Where can I watch it?

You have a choice – both British Eurosport and ITV4 will be screening the match. And obviously make sure you come back to this match to follow our game by game commentary and analysis.

What’s the head to head record like?

Murray has won 10 of their previous meetings; Wawrinka seven. They’ve played against one another on clay three times, with Wawrinka winning two of those matches. But Murray won their only previous match at Roland Garros, when they met in the semi-finals last year.

Murray got the better of Wawrinka in Paris last year (Getty)

What are they saying?

Murray: “When we played last year, it was a similar situation coming in. I think Stan had played really well.

“I had struggled in some of my matches during the event last year, but I played one of my best clay-court matches that day to get the win. I need to do the same again.

“He's obviously played extremely well the last few years at the French, and he's confident. It's going to be very tough.

“But I can learn some things from last year. I'm sure he will, as well, and will try to change some things. It should be an interesting match.”

Wawrinka has been in superb form (Getty)

Wawrinka: “I think he's probably a bit less confident. He's a bit more hesitant. Hopefully I can take advantage of that and find solutions to beat him.

“When you have a lot of wins behind you and confidence with your game, you can go for more. That's what he did last year, for sure.

“I expect him to try to do the same because that's always how he is trying to play against me, to be aggressive.

“But I think I will answer with my game. I think I'm playing better than last year, also. It can be only a big challenge and hopefully a good match.”

How did they get here?

Andy Murray:

First Round - def. Andrey Kuznetsov, 6-4, 4-6, 6-2, 6-0.
Second Round - def. Martin Klizan, 6-7 (3), 6-2, 6-2, 7-6 (3).
Third Round - def. Juan Martin del Potro (29), 7-6 (8), 7-5, 6-0.
Fourth Round - def. Karen Khachanov, 6-3, 6-4, 6-4.
Quarter-final - def. Kei Nishikori (8), 2-6, 6-1, 7-6 (0), 6-2

Stan Wawrinka:

First Round - def. Jozef Kovalik, 6-2, 7-6 (6), 6-3
Second Round - def.  Alexandr Dolgopolov, 6-4, 7-6 (5), 7-5
Third Round - def. Fabio Fognini (28), 7-6 (2), 6-0, 6-2
Fourth Round - def. Gael Monfils (15), 7-5, 7-6 (7), 6-2
Quarter-final - def. Marin Cilic (7), 6-3, 6-3, 6-1

Further reading

What are the odds?

Murray to win: 11/8
​Wawrinka to win: 3/4