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The complete guide to life after your degree.

Introduction to iGraduate

iGraduate editor David Taylor shows you where to go from here

Now you've graduated, what's the next step?

How to choose your path  and walk it confidently. By Jessica Moore

Further study: Could a postgraduate degree be a better choice for you?

If your degree made you hungry for more, postgraduate study is the way to go, says Peter Brown

Graduate placements: Earn and learn

Make a splash with a graduate placement, says Becky Slack

Special training: Some careers need more than a degree

It’s essential to have a professional qualification for some careers, says Jessica Moore

Other options: You're not obliged to rush into employment

Don’t want to work for someone else? Start up a business or take a gap year, says Russ Thorne

How to put together the best CV

CV writing is fraught with dangers. Here's how to avoid the major pitfalls

Interview tips: How to ace your big day

Our top 10 tips for success

The yes/no questions that will make your future clear

This simple flow chart will tell you your future.

Stefano Hatfield: You have to make your own luck

i editor Stefano Hatfield explains how he got where he is today

Case study: ‘My training gave me the tools I need to be successful’

Case study: ‘I went to a lot of careers fairs’

Case study: ‘I still use my PhD notes’

Case study: ‘I wanted to get the right job’

Entrepreneur’s checklist

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