Late-night library style

With exams looming, you're going to be spending a lot of time in the library. And if you want to catch someone's eye, you'll have to look your best. Fashion blogger Alice Tate shows you how.

Yougofurther Blogger of the Year winner

The competition, in association with The Independent, the Clothes Show Live and the yougo website, has been running for the past month and the judges have selected a worthy winner they felt captured the imagination.

Student summer fashion for the girls

The end-of-year parties, barbeques and balls are coming up and if you're worried that your budget will leave you looking like the penniless student you are, fear not, here are 10 must-have items for the summer...all for under £35.

Old-school fashion

Vintage has long been a buzz word in the fashion industry, bandied around by designers and celebrities alike. No fashion connoisseur should be without at least one timeless, classic vintage designer piece, but what about us mere mortals and penniless students?

How to grab a January bargain

Love them or loathe them, this year’s January sales are better than ever thanks to the credit crunch; stores have resorted to heavy discounting of up to 75 per cent to attract customers. So, how can you make the most of them and get your money’s worth?

Budget clothes for the boys

When it comes to selecting some choice garments off the rack for the Christmas party season, the gentleman buyer can find himself being overlooked in the rush to wax lyrical over the latest cocktail dress. Not so here at Indy Student.

Scouting young talent at London Fashion Week

As London Fashion Week’s prima donnas are busy sipping bubbly and munching on carrot sticks it’s nice to see a bit of altruism in the world of haute couture with Vauxhall Fashion Scout giving a group of aspiring designers the chance to showcase their collections alongside some of the biggest names in fashion.

High street shops go online

The internet is a virtual high street – that’s why the big retailers already have online stores’, but are they any good? We talk to Nick Robertson is CEO of, the online retail fashion store.

Fashion: Wear your heart on your sleeve

For most students, university is a series of firsts; the first time you move away from home, the first time your bedsheets go without being washed for a month, that sort of thing. But mainly, university is the first time that you can - if you want to - totally overhaul your personality and image.