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Hybrid – Review

While perhaps not quite a total re-invention of the genre, it's certainly proof that there's room there for a bit of tinkering.

They thought it was game over, but finally Duke Nukem is back

The Duke is back, but boy did he take his time. When Duke Nukem 3D hit the shelves in 1996 it revolutionised the computer games industry. The Duke, a muscle-clad, cigar-smoking alpha-male who stormed across the galaxy fighting hordes of mutated aliens, was the brashest, most controversial character to appear in pixelated form at the time. He swore like a trooper, paid for strippers and killed both the guilty and innocent alike in Tarantino-esque orgies of button-bashing violence.

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Wake up and smell the terror...

As a gaming journalist it’s fair to say you get looked after pretty well by PR reps, a beer here, a vol-au-vent there and a comfy chair to settle into as the latest game is revealed. Seldom, however, does a gaggle of games journalists get let loose in the midst of dark woods with only a torch and our wits to save us.

Alan Wake: The interview

Following a recent PR event where members of the press were driven into the woods in the middle of the night, ambushed by knife wielding maniacs driven by dark forces and chased until a flare drove off our pursuers, we got chance to speak to Oskari Hakkinen, Head of Franchise Development at Remedy Entertainment, about Alan Wake.

BioShock 2: The interview

When 2K Marin’s BioShock first appeared on PC and Xbox 360 back in 2007 its Creative Director, Ken Levine, was able to create an experience praised as much for its discussion of philosophy as it was its non-linear action sequences.