Torch goes out on Day Three of relay

The Devon town of Great Torrington has written its name in the pages of Olympic infamy, as the place where the Olympic Flame went out, on Day Three of the relay.

Purls of wisdom: Scarlett Thomas on knitting, Zen koans and ships in

It's not even a question of whether the universe is meaningful or meaningless," Scarlett Thomas is telling me. "It's in what way could it be meaningful, or in what way, if it was meaningful, could that be even more meaningless than normal meaninglessness?" She pauses for me to catch up, but I must have betrayed my incomprehension. "That probably didn't make any sense," she laughs. "But maybe when you listen back to your tape..."

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Twenty/20 (With horses)

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Badminton and gym venue dropped from Olympic plans

Olympic organisers are to abandon plans for a temporary badminton venue at the London 2012 Games but will press ahead with two other controversial developments, following a cost-cutting review by the consultancy firm KPMG.