Bank Of Scotland

Northern Ireland’s open for business, says Cameron (as he trumpets

A five-star golf resort in Northern Ireland that has been in administration for over 18 months  with debts of £26 million, and regarded as a high-profile example of the worst excesses of Ireland’s banking crisis, will play host next year to eight of the world’s richest nations.

Sir Thomas Risk: Governer of the Bank of Sotland hailed for his

At a time when the reputation of bankers is even lower than that of politicians, it is appropriate to remember Sir Thomas Risk, Governor of the Bank of Scotland from 1981 to 1991, as a professional of impeccable integrity and an acute sense of rectitude.

Barclays tops PPI complaints list

Barclays was the most complained-about bank in the last six months of 2011, according to the financial ombudsman, with nearly 12,000 cases brought by consumers.

Simon Read: Lloyds finally shows common sense by making a PPI

Lloyds Banking Group finally came to its senses this week and withdraw from the outrageous attempt by banks to avoid paying back victims of their payment protection insurance rip-off. The long-running PPI saga should have ended months ago but the banks have used all sorts of legal shenanigans and delaying tactics to ensure that millions of people owed money have had to wait.

Bank bosses hit back at break-up proposals

Britain's two state-backed "zombie" banks yesterday rejected calls for a break-up of Britain's banking giants, telling the Treasury Select Committee that the sector was "enormously competitive".

James Daley: Simplicity could end sleepless nights

If I had been given a tenner every time someone asked me whether their savings were safe over the past few weeks, I'd be well on my way to an early retirement. Friends, family, colleagues, readers – everyone wants to know the answer to the same question: which bank can I rely on?

Hamish McRae: Easy money won't help economies weather this global

The turning point for the banks but the beginnings of a deeper slide for the real economy? This week has been extraordinary. We were talking yesterday with some senior bankers and they agreed that the only similar time in terms of the febrile mood in London was the collapse of Burmah Oil and the plunge of equities at the beginning of 1975. For New York, well, what has been happening there is surely bigger than anything since the 1930s.

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