The island that thought it was safe from typhoon

The island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines is generally considered out of the path of the 20 or so typhoons that strike the country each year. So despite the warnings, people stayed put, and were sleeping peacefully when a storm hit with devastating force on Friday night.

Explosions in the Sky, Roundhouse, London

For most bands, the microphone is the focal point of a show, the vessel through which lyrics can be sung and thanks given. For the Texan band Explosions in the Sky, however, it is little more than a distraction. Used for a brief hello and goodbye, the mic stands on one side while the four-piece tear through a set filled with emotions and ideas for which words seem insufficient.

Album: Jim Moray, In Modern History (NIAG)

Moray's elision of folk and pop is self-conscious but increasingly confident, as if the further he gets from the source, the more he enjoys riding the river of song.

Album: Prefab Sprout, Let's Change the World with Music (Kitchenware)

The title of Prefab Sprout's first album in eight years embodies the kind of vaunting egotism one might expect from Bono, Sting or some other mononymic would-be saviour, and one's first instinct is to suppose it's ironically intended. But Paddy McAloon, while widely regarded as a songwriter of considerable sophistication, is not best known for an ironic worldview. Could this, then, be a straight-faced implication of the album's contents?

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