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Cayman Islands premier arrested for corruption misused government

It is famed as a sun-soaked tax-haven, a home to hedge funds, and as one of the glamorous locations for the Tom Cruise film The Firm. But today, the Cayman Islands came into world view for a different reason as its premier, McKeeva Bush, was arrested on suspicion of corruption.

Ursula Dronke: Enlightening scholar of medieval literature

Ursula Dronke was a brilliant, vital, and impressive representative of a world that seems to be fast disappearing from our grasp: a scholarship girl who, from a luminous sense of their intrinsic value, dedicated her life to difficult works of the human imagination; she was still publishing in her 90th year.

Cuts 'needed to avoid debt crisis'

Britain could face the same problems as Portugal unless the record deficit in the public finances is dealt with, George Osborne warned today.

Sir Peter Carey: Leading civil servant and businessman

In his long life Peter Carey achieved success across a variety of fields. First, as an intelligence officer, speaking fluent Serbo-Croat, attached to Force 7 Brigade in the Balkans from 1943-45, liaising with the partisans, harrying the Germans and interfering with their communications right up to D-Day. Second, as probably the most dynamic, authoritative and influential Permanent Secretary from 1974-83. And finally, from 1983-93, as a leading figure in the City and chairman of a raft of public companies.

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West Ham play down latest talk of takeover

West Ham are treating with caution a pledge by an American-led consortium to buy the financially-troubled club for £100m. The club have indicated that they have only had the briefest of contact with the Intermarket Group, led by Wall Street financier Jim Bowe.