Charles Clarke

Independent Live podcast: Britain's Future

Tonight, the Independent Live panel took part in a pre-election debate featuring Labour MP Charles Clarke and Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne along with the Independent's very own Michael Brown, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Steve Richards.

TEST Catch21 Productions presents: Uni-Q

Uni-Q is a new online show - best described as ‘Question Time’ meets ‘The Sunday Night Project’ - providing a forum for 16-25 year olds to pose questions to MPs and other high profile figures

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My Week In Media: Graham Stuart

The comedy show I'm enjoying most at the moment is The Kevin Bishop Show on Friday nights. Along with Peep Show, it's the best Channel 4 comedy of recent times. He is a very talented comic and mimic and if you're going to do a spoof – which everyone wants to do – using the EPG as its basis is a really clever idea. Alexander Armstrong is great fun to watch in Mutual Friends. It is essentially Cold Feet, which is a hard act to follow, but it's pretty much there.