Theatre review: Mission Drift, National Theatre, London

A friend of mine recently got married in Las Vegas and celebrated by going to see Rod Stewart in concert there. He was enchanted by the whole glitzy glamour of the experience, and yet he’s a pretty old-fashioned type of socialist and, as it happens, an actor.

The Week In Radio: When a castaway's confessions are a real treasure

My plan this week was to write about science. Honestly, it was. The World Service was running a series of solemn-sounding talks called Exchanges at the Frontier, each delivered by leading epidemiologists, physiologists and other miscellaneous ologists whose job titles were very possibly made up. However bleak their message, I felt it my duty to hear them out. And listening on Sunday morning, for a while I was genuinely concerned about the plight of humankind in the face of horrible mutating viruses that could knock out much of population and possibly leave pigs and poultry to run things.

Fired up: Festival nirvana at Burning Man

The song "Stand by Me" will never again sound the same. Not now I've danced to it in a dust storm, with only snow goggles and cycling mask to protect my eyes and lungs. Not when the chorus concluded a pop-up wedding I chanced upon in the Nevada desert.

Portfolio: George Steinmetz

A third of the Earth's land surface is classified as desert, from the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica to the North African Sahara – and it is a subject that represents a life's passion for landscape photographer George Steinmetz. Inspired by a hitchhiking trip across North Africa in the 1970s, the American aerial artist has spent the past 15 years documenting deserts from above.

Portfolio: Cédric van Turtelboom, Frozen assets

The district of Shunyi, north-east  of Beijing, isn’t known for its winter snow – yet it is home to one of the biggest ski parks in China. And it’s one of eight that the Belgian photographer Cédric van Turtelboom visited on a trip to the region last year for his series My Winter Holiday – a project that won him the honour of being one of four young photographers exhibited at the Grand Palais as part of the celebrated Paris Photo festival.

Rutherford plants new roots in Arizona

Greg Rutherford was retracing his family roots yesterday. The London 2012 long jump champion had his Olympic gold medal with him for the launch of the 2013 European Team Championships at Gateshead, across the Tyne from St James' Park, where his late great-grandfather won three top-flight titles as a flying winger with the footballing Magpies in Edwardian times.

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