Blue sky thinking: How Boeing's 787 Dreamliner could change air travel

After 10 years of blueprints and mounting buzz, Boeing is finally rolling its newest passenger jet out of the hangar – and it's quieter, lighter and more fuel-efficient than any other plane. Why should you care? Because it's also set to consign airsickness and jet lag to history...

Chapter One, Farnborough Common, Locksbottom, Kent

I don't want to be negative about the "Garden of England" but the area around the Chapter One restaurant suffers from a slight reputation problem. Since the 1950s, this suburban district on the edges of Farnborough, Croydon and Bromley has been considered Desperado Central: a lawless terrain of mock-Tudor homes and gated communities where retired armed robbers, Cockney racketeers and their kohl-drenched partners in crime used to retire to spend their ill-gotten gains. Of course, this is a foolish cliché, like the idea that Kent is full of gin-soaked lechers motoring to roadhouses in Maidstone with young popsies called Joy or Samantha in the MG's passenger seat. But there's a real feeling of stepping into the past about stepping into Chapter One.

Professor Christopher Elrington: Historian who devoted his career to

Christopher Elrington devoted the whole of his professional life as a historian to the Victoria County History, that magnificent encyclopaedic work attempting to provide fully researched and properly referenced historical accounts of all the counties of England and their more than 10,000 individual parishes. Some 250 large red volumes of the VCH have appeared since the endeavour began in 1899. Elrington had an increasingly influential hand in all the volumes that have appeared in the last 50 years.

Take five British treats

In the year of holidaying at home, you may be looking for something with that extra special oomph to turn a UK vacation into a really memorable occasion. Ian McCurrach selects some potential winners