Gang Violence

Team that keeps gangs apart faces new threat - lack of cash

Civilian mediators have been sent into prisons across Britain to dissuade senior gang members from organising tit-for-tat attacks on rivals to prevent violence spreading on the streets of the capital, the head of the project has told The Independent.

Government was warned that jails could not cope with gangs

Britain's prisons and young offenders' institutions do not have the policies in place to deal with the influx of young gang members who will be locked up in the coming months, according to a damning report given to ministers a year ago.

Goldie: 'I was waiting with a shotgun, ready to do this bird's geezer'

Bikram Yoga makes me feel 19 again I used to go on tour, get shit-faced after gigs then pass out. Now I just perform, and the next morning I'm like, "Where's the nearest yoga studio?" Physically you see a lot of changes, but it's the energy I have that's so amazing. I did an early-morning session recently and Ozzy [Osborne] was there and I thought, "Who would have thought 10 years later we'd be in a yoga studio at 7am?"

Did film director die for his art?

Christian Poveda made a documentary about the brutal gangs of El Salvador, then was found shot through the head in the front seat of a car

Killer of Rhys Jones jailed for 22 years

A teenage gunman who shot dead Rhys Jones – the youngest ever victim of gang violence in Britain – was beginning a life sentence last night after being convicted of murder. A judge recommended that Sean Mercer, 18, should serve a minimum of 22 years.

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Straw pledges new deal for packed jails

Jack Straw has ordered a crackdown on drug abuse in jails and improved training for inmates in an attempt to ease the impact of overcrowding. Ministers disclosed that more than 16,000 offenders have already been released early to free space.