Gang Violence

Theresa May hits back in riot policing row

Home Secretary Theresa May hit back at senior police chiefs over political criticism of their initial riot response, insisting it was her job to tell forces "what the public want them to do".

Goldie: 'I was waiting with a shotgun, ready to do this bird's geezer'

Bikram Yoga makes me feel 19 again I used to go on tour, get shit-faced after gigs then pass out. Now I just perform, and the next morning I'm like, "Where's the nearest yoga studio?" Physically you see a lot of changes, but it's the energy I have that's so amazing. I did an early-morning session recently and Ozzy [Osborne] was there and I thought, "Who would have thought 10 years later we'd be in a yoga studio at 7am?"

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Rock legend Bo Diddley dies in Florida

Rock 'n' roll pioneer Bo Diddley, who made hit songs powered by the relentless "Bo Diddley beat" that influenced rockers from Buddy Holly to U2, died today at the age of 79.

Step Up 2 The Streets (PG)

Not so much a sequel to Step Up as a rehash: once again, a cross-the-tracks romance between breakdancing white trash and upper-crust ballet snob is enlivened by a smattering of gang violence and rather too many shots of young people spinning around on their heads.

Straw pledges new deal for packed jails

Jack Straw has ordered a crackdown on drug abuse in jails and improved training for inmates in an attempt to ease the impact of overcrowding. Ministers disclosed that more than 16,000 offenders have already been released early to free space.