Jacques Chirac

Villepin's presidential run raises worries for Sarkozy

After 17 years in politics, including two years as Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin has finally decided to run for election. And not just any election. Once a contemptuous centre-right rival of President Nicolas Sarkozy, Mr Villepin has infuriated his old enemy by entering next spring's presidential race.

Man held after grabbing Sarkozy

A man in a crowd grabbed French President Nicolas Sarkozy by the shoulder today and nearly knocked him to the ground before being tackled by security officers.

French judge delays Jacques Chirac trial

The trial of former President Jacques Chirac on corruption charges was suspended for at least three months today – raising doubts about whether the case will ever come to court.

Villepin backs 'Karachigate' claims against Sarkozy

A full-blown state scandal, involving President Nicolas Sarkozy and other senior figures, threatens to explode this week over "Karachigate", the allegation that political corruption and revenge-taking in France led to the murder of 11 French submarine engineers in Pakistan in 2002.

Goss heads for Guadeloupe on the Route du Rhum

Cups of tea provide the inspiration for one of Britain ’s most genial ocean racers, Pete Goss, as he returns to the international scene in the Route du Rhum, which starts tomorrow.

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Prescott reveals Iraq invasion 'doubts'

Former deputy prime minister John Prescott privately harboured doubts about the intelligence used to justify the invasion of Iraq in 2003, he disclosed today.

Dominique de Villepin: Top of the fops

He is handsome, intellectual and aristocratic. So could Nicolas Sarkozy's bitterest opponent yet fulfil his mission as France's self-appointed saviour?