John Lennon

Meet the lawyer who saved John Lennon and Yoko Ono

John Lennon and Yoko Ono were faced with the very real prospect of being deported from the US in 1972 by Richard Nixon. The pair were put in touch with lawyer Leon Wildes, who quickly put together a strong case and won. Here, his son Michael shares the story

A new memoir showcases Ringo Starr's photos of The Beatles

They were the most photographed band in the world, but even at the height of the Beatles' fame, no one trained a lens on them more enthusiastically than Ringo Starr. He talks to Craig McLean, and we publish a selection of his pictures of John, Paul, George and friends

Edinburgh 2013: The Poet Speaks - Patti Smith and Philip Glass pay

“Allen, despite Allen, contained multitudes,” said the New York punk priestess Patti Smith of her late friend, the beat poet Allen Ginsberg. Cut to five words, it was possibly the most profound tribute Ginsberg received during this 90-minute joint homage from Smith and his friend and collaborator Philip Glass. Even when the music and poetry weren’t necessarily about him, Ginsberg’s presence hung in the room.

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