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Joss Stone

Album: Joss Stone, Colour Me Free, (Virgin)

Lambasted for that transitory transatlantic accent and locked in a dispute with her record label that has seen this arrive with little fanfare, at 22 years old, Joss Stone is finally earning the soul chops she so desires.

Album: Raphael Saadiq, The Way I See It (Columbia)

When he joined his brother and cousin in R&B trio Tony! Toni! Toné, Charlie Ray Wiggins sensibly decided he could do with a more exotic name, but only acquired it in stages, becoming first Raphael Wiggins before achieving a more persuasive cachet as Raphael Saadiq, the name under which he has become one of R&B's most sought-after producers.

Joss Stone: 'England doesn't like me any more'

2007 was not Joss Stone's year. The 20-year-old from Devon made a fool of herself at the Brit Awards, released her least successful album to date, sacked her managers and told her parents to leave her alone. So, Craig McLean asks her, how does it feel to be a proper soul diva?