Keith Richards

The Year in Review: Best books of 2010

Three London friends come to terms with their various losses and meet to wrangle, wittily and touchingly, over the deepest questions of belonging and identity. This year's Man Booker winner finds bold and wrenching humour within its solemn themes. However adept at all the skills of comedy, and however immersed in ideas of Jewishness, this novel bristles with a passion and zest that defy all label-stickers.

Pictorial homage: Keith Richards

Iconic images of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, from celebrated photographers such as Gered Mankowitz, Eddie Kramer, Michael Cooper and Ethan Russel, will be on display at an a dedicated exhibit for one of the world’s most beloved musicians.

Terence Blacker: Nostalgia tends to conceal hypocrisy

A small lesson in the way history smooths the sharper edges and corners of the past is being played out at the Cannes Film Festival with the help of that much-loved father figure of the alternative establishment, Sir Mick Jagger.

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