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BBC to review role of Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen after official

The BBC is to review the role of its Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen after an official report into the broadcaster’s coverage of the Arab Spring suggested he was spending too much time in the region and not enough helping with major strategic decisions on how the BBC covers the sensitive story.

The Week in Radio: A sports commentary that goes the distance

It's a fact unwisely overlooked by all those people gearing up to run Sunday's marathon that as Phidippides, the first marathon runner, hit the final ribbon in Athens he promptly dropped dead. It doesn't stop thousands doing the marathon of course, or indeed banging on about it afterwards, so it's a relief to discover that there is actually an interesting subject to talk about in the world of running. As explored in The Sub-Two-Hour Marathon: Sport's Holy Grail, it's the race to beat the current record of two hours, three minutes and 59 seconds.

Police to investigate Ashley Cole shooting

Police said yesterday that they would be looking into allegations that the England footballer Ashley Cole shot a work-placement student with an air gun at Chelsea's training ground. The defender reportedly fired at Tom Cowan, 21, by accident from just five feet away with a .22 rifle, which he believed was not loaded, at the club's training facility in Cobham, Surrey.

Loathe thy Neighbour? Become less territorial

Whether its loud builders, partying students or blaring televisions, noise from next door continues to destroy our domestic bliss. To find peace we need to become far less territorial, says Rhodri Marsden.

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The many faces behind the veil

A symbol of female subjugation? These women believe their Islamic headwear is a liberating way of expressing their identities.