Postgraduate Study

Why studying for an MA in modern history is beneficial

History matters, which is why those who choose to study for an MA in modern history make the decision to do so. Actively seeking to learn about other cultures and the way other people came to be what and who they are can make for a lively and thought-provoking experience. Being exposed to a wide range of sources, expert opinions, and approaches from across modern times gives students a unique, yet insightful, look into that which surpasses more conventional boundaries.

Does a master's degree make you any more employable?

As the possibility of unemployment looms for many, more than 500,000 each year choose to pursue further study in the form of a postgraduate taught programme such as a master's. The motivation behind this decision is often related to belief that a higher-level qualification will result in a better job. But does the CV addition of an MA, MBA or MSc actually improve employment prospects?

An ode to my MA dissertation

It's hard work and the end might not always be in sight - but it's important to love what you're studying, says Harriet Williamson

Is a Masters an isolating experience?

You've got more work and less structure, and most of your uni friends have moved on and away into the world of work. Is a Masters isolating, asks Harriet Williamson

The nightmare of Masters funding

It's becoming more than just a pain to pay for a postgraduate degree, says Harriet Williamson. In fact, it's downright diffcult

Postgraduate diary: 'I was out of my comfort zone'

Ask around undergraduate bars and common rooms and one major complaint about doing a postgraduate course is that it'll increase the size of your overdraft. But with a little bit of ingenuity, it doesn't have to.